Welcome to the wellbeing events page! Each month this page will be updated with a selection of diverse and fun activities to do in Rotterdam, so you can relax next to all the studying, meet new students and broaden your horizon. Whether you’re interested in music, sports, art, or developing yourself professionally: this page has something for everyone. Relaxing is just as important as studying, so keep an eye on this page!

April 2024

03/04, 08/04, 17/04 & 22/04: Open HeART Café

Come and draw, paint, or be creative in other ways at the Open HeART Café! These art workshops are organised several Wednesdays per month from 16:30 to 18:30 on campus. Each week there is a different creative assignment; you get tips and tricks, and get to know fellow creative students. The materials (pencils, paint, paper, etc.) is provided and you register for one week at a time, so you are not committed to anything.

Sign up here to get creative with fellow students!

Date: Wednesday 3, 17 & Monday 8, 22 April

Time: 16:30 – 18:30

Location: Sanders, L2-14 (Campus Woudestein)

Price: € 5,- per workshop

03/04: Film Special 'Spirited Away'

Together with ESSN-Rotterdam, you are invited to their monthly film night on campus. 
This time they will screen Spirited Away from Studio Ghibli!

About the movie:

Hayao Miyazaki’s stunning feature Spirited Away is one of his most universally appealing films. With its depth and complexity, the unique visuals, and the dream-like spectacle Spirited Away enchants both adults and children alike. Spirited Away tells the story of Chihiro’s adventures and struggles to rescue her parents from an evil witch by working in a bath house for the gods. 

A young girl, Chihiro, becomes trapped in a strange new world of spirits. When her parents undergo a mysterious transformation, she must call upon the courage she never knew she had to free her family.

Get your ticket here!

Date: Wednesday 3 April

Time: 19:30 21:30 (doors open at 19:00)

Location: Aula, Erasmus Building

Price: € 4,-

10/04 & 24/04: Creative Writing workshop

In these workshops, you will write using various short creative assignments.

You will work on short writing assignments where the result is less important than the process. 
Loose sketches, but with words instead of drawings.
You will try out, scrape, puzzle and if you want, you can read aloud.
Dare to try out without worrying about the outcome and surprise yourself with your own creativity. 

The workshop will be offered four times this autumn but will have different assignments each time.

The final date is 15 May.

Get your ticket here!

Date: Wednesday 10 and 24 April  

Time: 16:30 – 18:30

Location: Polak 3-08

Price: € 5,-

15/04 – 19/04: Mural Mystery

Erasmus University teaches us to leave a long-lasting impact in the world by being a force for positive change. Students and employees will now be able to do the same for our beautiful campus. No longer will their presence be for a couple of years, but rather remain in artful spirit via a mural we can paint together.

The activity will be a giant canvas split up as a grid with numbers that correspond to specific paint colors. Paint, brushes, and protective covers will be provided. The canvas will be set up and kept for 1 full week, so anyone can just stop by and spend a few minutes painting a few squares. In addition, no prior art skill is required, simply an energetic attitude. 

This activity is a Lustrum event.

Click here for all Lustrum events.

Date: Monday 15 Friday 19 April  

Time: 9:00 17:00

Location: Campus Woudestein

Price: free

16/04: Murder Mystery: Who Killed Erasmus?

Desiderius Erasmus has been murdered and it is up to you to find out who did it in this Murder Mystery Game!

As you tour different unusual locations on campus (including a mock court room and an art gallery) you will be able to talk to the suspects, search for evidence at the special locations, engage in a lecture by Erasmus expert prof. dr. Han van Ruler, to know about the suspects and victim, and witness live theater scenes filled with clues. Will you find out who killed Erasmus?

A Murder Mystery Game is an interactive theatre-experience in which you step into the role of the detective! In four rounds, you will be guided through some special lesser-known locations on campus in which you will be able to collect clues. Interact with actors, watch short performances, and in this case, uncover information about Desiderius Erasmus to determine the killer and win the game!

WILDe Theatre is a student theatre group from Erasmus University Rotterdam. 

Sign up here for free!

Date: Tuesday 16 April  

Time: 17:00 19:00

Location: Campus Woudestein

Price: free

22/04: Open Stage Night

The monthly Open Stage Night by Studium Generale and ESN Rotterdam for Students of EUR. Music, spoken word; everything is possible as long as it fits at the stage of café Erasmus Paviljoen.

Are you interested in performing?
We provide a backline (with electronic drum set, electronic piano, semi-acoustic guitar and guitar amplifier), you just bring your instrument. All registrations for performing via the registration form. The form closes one week in advance. On the evening itself there is sometimes room for spontaneous performances, but we cannot guarantee this.

Would you just like to come and listen to the performances?
Of course, that is possible too! Entrance is free and you don’t have to sign up.

Date: Monday 22 April

Time: 20:00 22:00

Location: Erasmus Paviljoen

Price: free