When searching for an internship, it is important to be aware of the requirements imposed on you as well as the internship position.

You can only start an internship if you have completed the first year of your BSc programme (60 EC). This means that any resits needs to be passed before the start of the internship.
It is possible to search for and register an internship before completing your first year. But please know you are not allowed to start the internship yet.

The internship position needs to meet the following criteria:

  • The internship starts around the opening of the academic year. The start date of the internship coincides with the start of the academic year. The first working day is at the earliest one week before the start of Block 9 (Monday 26 August 2024) and at the latest the third week of Block 9 (Monday 16 September 2024). Since you must allow a minimum of one week between Osiris registration and the start date of the internship, the latest possible registration date is Monday 9 September 2024.
  • The internship lasts approx. 14 weeks and is fulltime (ie. 13-15 weeks of 36-40 hrs)
  • A clear job description is provided, outlining tasks and responsibilities sufficiently challenging for a Bachelor 3 student;
  • A company coach is present who will offer you guidance and regular feedback;
  • Are expected to seek out an internship position at a medium- or large sized organization or business unit. The definition of a medium-sized organization can be fuzzy, but the organization or business unit must have at least 10fte. This is the absolute, non-negotiable, minimum.
  • You are not the owner or manager of the organization;
  • You do not have a familial relationship with the owner or manager of the organization or business unit;
  • You do not have more than two months (fulltime or parttime) prior work experience at the organization or business unit.
  • You are strongly encouraged (but not expected) to search for an internship position in an international context.


For more detailed information about the 3rd year bachelor internship course in block 9 & 10 can be found on the Canvas page, https://canvas.eur.nl/courses/26799.

When you don't have access to this page, please email careercentre@rsm.nl and we can add you manually.