The university is under the obligation to actively issue your degree once all curriculum components have been completed. When the last result is booked in OSIRIS you will receive a letter from the Study Progress & Diploma (SPD) office that your degree has been issued. This means:

  1. No adjustments or additions can be made to the grade list;
  2. You can no longer improve an exam result that is sufficient.

For the one year MSc programmes: please be aware that if you have passed all your courses (including the master thesis trajectory) it will not be possible to do a resit for a sufficient Block 5 result, even though the formal resit period has not taken place yet. This can also be the case for a Block 4 course, if the improved grade is booked in OSIRIS after you have received confirmation that you have been awarded your degree.

Important: Do not deregister from Studielink until you have received (a confirmation of) your diploma as the diploma can only be issued whilst being a registered student. If you deregister too early, you will have to re-enroll.

Under certain predefined conditions and for certain predefined goals, RSM will accommodate students who wish to extend their studies due to an internship by postponing the degree issuance.

Because of COVID-19, it is also possible to postpone the degree if you are extending your studies with a master exchange.